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Смернице за ауторе


Manuscripts should be submitted in electronic form by email and at- tachment to: pedagoskastvarnost@gmail.com.

Style Sheet

Length:             up to 16 pages
Font:                 Times New Roman (12 pt) Line spacing: 1.5
Alignment:        Justified
Margins:            Top and bottom              3 cm
Left and right                 3.5 cm Page numbers:   Insert page numbers

The paper should not exceed 16 pages, and should contain: (1) Title, (2) Ab- stract, (3) Body of the text, (4) References/Bibliography, short professional data and year of birth. Figures, tables etc. should be provided on a separate page (with appro- priate reference in the text) or inserted as moveable objects in the text, and should be labelled numerically and textually by clear explanation. Graphic presentations should have a title and the accompanying legend.


  • Title: bold capitals, centered
  • Abstract: an abstract about 16 lines (under the heading Abstract) with up to five keywords at the end should precede the body of the
  • Body of the text: bold should only be used for the title, subtitles, and head- ings. Italics should be used for emphasis, examples interpolated in the text, non-English words and book/journal “Double quotation marks” enclose brief citations run- ning in the text (longer quotations, indented on all sides, are not put between quotation marks). References to literature should be incorporated in the text (in parentheses) and footnotes should be used, if necessary, only for comments and additional information.
  • References/Bibliography should be limited to the content of the paper and stated in alphabetical order. Website references should be in a list of their own after all other material.

For books with more than three authors, the first name and the abbreviation et al. should be used (e.g. Quirk et al. 1985). Book and journal titles are in italics. Titles of articles in books and journals are in regular font style. Page references are required for articles in books and journals.

Sample references: Books:
Brislin, R. (1995): Understanding Culture’s Influence on Behaviour, New York, Har- court Brace Jovanovich.

Chapters within books:
Willis, P. (1983): Cultural production and theories of reproduction, in: L. Barton & S.Walker (Eds) Race, Class and Education, London, Croom Helm, pp. 127-145. 

Gardner, H. (1998): “A Multiplicity of intelligences” Scientific American, Winter Vol- ume 9, No.4, 9-19.

“The Seven Sins of the Web” (0ct.2004): www.btopenworld.com/create/webpage

At the end of their contribution the authors are further asked to give their con- cise professional bio data (up to five lines) and electronic contact address. The data include: author’s name, academic title, affiliation, postal address at which they wish to receive the Journal of Education. If there are more authors, the above data should be stated for each person.


The Pedagogical Reality is edited quarterly.

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